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10 Best Things for Gamers at CES 2017

The best gaming related tech from CES 2017 that we could find. Did you see anything cool this year? Let’s talk about it!
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Thumbnail art via: PIOTR RUSNARCZYK


https://www.cnet.com/au/products/razer-project-valerie/preview/ + https://www.cnet.com/news/gaming-laptops-get-an-extra-life-at-ces-2017/






http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/1/7/14201306/super-retro-boy-remake-nintendo-game-boy-colorVR shoes- https://www.cnet.com/products/cerevo-taclim-vr/preview/



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  1. Except Liquidsky. That one sounds really awful for gamers.

  2. wait, so the Nvidia NOw and Liquid sky offer pay to play PC games that you can play on things that arent supposed to play it? ( Mac, very low end PCs and laptops) ? Do they just downscale the resolution or something? How about this, GET A REAL GAMING PC AND GET THE REAL EXPERIENCE!

  3. At #4, I hope Dentist places install one of those lol

  4. I think I need to use these technologies for my next game.

  5. 1:41 is the most practical thing – the sound coming from the screen, and not from its sides.
    PS 5:07 the very idea of a motorised ergonomic workstation is rather useful – a chair that changes its form, and all the movable and adjustable details, but the price makes it unrealistic.

  6. Subscribed a minute in. Dunno this channel much, but this guy is hilarious.

  7. When it comes to monitors, I'm not investing in a new one until HDR becomes more mainstream. The ROG SWIFT PG27UQ
    was a major step in the right direction, but I'm not switching till the prices start to drop.

  8. Jeez, this was lame "top 10" list. F'ing waste of time.

  9. I dont know why you lol @ Onlive… They are the ones who gave the tech for game streaming. they just did not want to invest money into it to adv it more and sold out in the end. It was not as bad as you said it was, you prob has shit net back in 08/09, i did not and it had lil to no lag but it was only 720p.

  10. project valerie seems like a joke unless they get rid of the black edges

  11. you talk exactly the same and sound equally as annoying as jake baldino. that voice that sounds like fake enthusiasm bleh

  12. dang $5,900 pshh they could of made it a massager to for that price

  13. It's always fun to see these and think "Heh I'll never have enough money to buy these heh heh…….heh"

  14. A fricken bat! Guess they forgot about the Wii.

  15. #4 is like the chair in WALL-E that all the fat people sat in. just need to motorize those rollers on the bottom, and cut a hole to poop through, and youd NEVER have to leave the chair. need to bathe? no problem! just drive thru a car-wash at your local gas station

    #1 They did become real. Real enough that 2 of those laptops were straight up STOLEN straight from the Razer booth at CES this year.

  16. The game station looks very familiar, where have i seen it before..

    Watches Grandma's Boy Oh yeah.

    man people are really goin balls deep in making viable gaming laptops but with the money they cost you could buy yourself a home and build a comparable pc and not worry aboutthe need for a laptop…

  17. Nice nonexistent link to the SONY TV.. ?

  18. "Ah want ettt"
    I only watch these videos of expensive stuff because I know ill never get to actually buy one.

  19. The chair will be perfect if it got engine like electric wheelchair.

  20. This really felt like a commercial for NVidia, didn't like that at all.

  21. I feel like nobody at Gameranx plays games.

  22. Anyone else wondering why the mouse doesn't just slide to the floor?

  23. You're much better than the other 2 lads Andrew, you actually might make me subscribe to gameranx again.

  24. That Acer looks like a shaved dog butt. FUGLY.

    But the Razer Valerie? TAKE MY MONEY!

  25. I still have an original gameboy, and a gameboy color stuffed in a box somewhere.

  26. Nice click bait though. Dislike

  27. you miss that shit in the thumbnail