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10 Best Games Where You Die No Matter What You Do

Death is still a very sensitive subject when it comes to video games, because the majority just allow us to respawn and restart the level one too many times. The fact that some of the main characters die no matter how hard we try to successfully complete the story often makes us realize that even in gaming, dying is sometimes inevitable. In what follows we’ll be presenting our pick for 10 of the most unforgiving video games that kill their protagonists no matter what. Be aware that this video is chock-full with massive spoilers!

Narrator: Davide Arbisi


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  1. Wow, another great video 😀

  2. Haven't watched the video, but I bet you didn't put Life in here

  3. Outlast was an amazing game man really cool game

  4. I learned the Slender one the hard way

  5. you could had referred far cry 3, on 1 of the the endings jason is killed by citra

  6. dead rising 4 when frank west died. non including the dlc

  7. ya missed call of duty modern warfare where Johnson dies but you control 2 people but the other one soap lives.(Still faces near death)

  8. halo reach ending messed me up

  9. Shepard lives if you have enough war asset points and choose destroy. Shepard has an intake of breath at the end.

  10. How about tales of xilia 2 u die of end of the game

  11. The moment I saw slendermans shitty character model, I just wasn't scared anymore.

  12. I neeeeed to play L.A.Noire on PS4, when they will make a remasted version? .-

  13. Should've just said 10 games where you die

  14. you wanna know how John Marston dies

  15. Oh my god. I loved Medal of Honor.

  16. The legend of lee Everett will never die…..
    most heart touching moments he gave me…

  17. hey you guys should have put fallout 3

  18. The walking dead was the saddest for me

  19. forgot dying light the following

  20. Wonderful video, however, miles is still alive.

  21. now that i know how all these end i dont need to play them………

  22. You forgot chrono trigger : The main character always dies no matter what you do .3.(But is later is revived)

  23. red dead redemption….i cried when i played the ending

  24. Halo reach…. i should have put in Star wars the force unleashed

  25. in call of duty iw u die when u beat the gane

  26. The master cheif dosen't die halo 5 😛

  27. Assassins Creed 3 🙁
    Ending was so sad for me

  28. Lee was my badass nigga in walking dead

  29. ❗️SPOILER ALERT woulda been nice, no more outlast for me?

  30. Red Dead Redemption was the best in my opinion I loved that game so much until modders and glitchers kept corrupting the servers

  31. MW2, RDR, and dead space are my top 3

  32. what about fallout 3, so many unfinished missions until the dlc came out and the ending was survivable.