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10 Best Games That Let You Nuke the World

Unleashing one of the most devastating effects over a large area of land, nuclear weapons have always been a thing of both wonder and terror. Their immense …


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  1. you didnt include Defcon? the game literally centered around launching nuclear weapons

  2. Im disliking because you forgot the best…
    Superpower 2

  3. Dying light the following let's you nuke the world. It's a secret ending tho

  4. kinda missed empire earth 🙁

  5. just cause 3 lets you Nuke part of a city with a rocket launcher that can shoot a small Mini Nuke so does fallout 4 do the same

  6. 5 marks out of 10 for the narration . (sounded like you were reading an answer for a viva exam)

  7. If the Mercenaries 1&2 MOABS aren't on here, I'm done.

  8. GTAV nuke mod ftw! Anyone stoked for the Gunrunning dlc? We will finally be able to crouch…yay.

  9. Man. Just look at the graphics of Crysis.

    That game was a masterpiece I'm telling ya.

  10. I thought they were gonna show where u can nuke that entire town in fallout 3

  11. the picture on this is so stupid, u dont shoot a nuke out of a rocket launcher

  12. This is painful to watch… nucular -_-

  13. Not saying it was a good game now but sure as hell was a good game back then it was called Real War there are 2 but I like the first one much better the nuke destroys the enemies pretty well but I'm not to sure they sell the game anymore 😐

  14. whats the at the begging plz replay I need to know

  15. fallout fuckin 4 where you can blow up half boston

  16. i don't wanna nuke the earth, and i don't want to see Sun's dying
    but 1st one looks Cool

  17. is this for pc or sell phone's??

  18. Mercenaries 2 world in Flames let's u drop Tactical Nuke it cost all u fuel u can collect when u finish the game plus in story u drop a nuclear bunker buster

  19. disliked beacause you are too dumb to pronounce NUCLEAR you keep saying NUCULAR

  20. i think you should have mentioned the experimental mirv in fallout 3 the upgraded version of the fatman

  21. Take a shot every time he says "nuke-yu-ler" instead of "nuclear"

  22. command & Conquer generals. the Chinese have nukes

  23. where's Redentor from Unreal Tournament?

  24. Wtf! Where's the tactical nuke!

  25. Arma 2 had a nice nuke back in the day as well

  26. fun!!!
    visit me friends!!SUBB4SUBB!!GOgoGO!!! 🙂