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10 Best FREE iOS & Android Games Of March 2017

March had some of the best games on offer for both the iOS and Android–and many of them are totally free. Find out what you should be playing! Subscribe for …


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  1. Loved the review for free games guys. Excellent!! Would you do one for games that use OTG controllers and maybe even Cardboard/VR games? I've learned to not trust what a lot of ppl say. But I still don't want download and install a large game only to find out it sucks.

  2. super mario run was my favorite

  3. man if u like card games try shadowverse

  4. I'm sure I'm not the first one to say this but you never said the name of the last app

  5. Why is ES Legends only on iPad?!?

  6. Thee best moba on mobile platforms is Vainglory in my opinion

  7. omfg you didn't put zgirls in there it haz bewbs bro

  8. and I wonder why I'm subbed to this channel

  9. will gameranx ever never put a card
    game as the number one spot

  10. i have already downloaded crash of cars before i watched this video

  11. Vainglory! Why don't you recommend it!

  12. is dynasty warriors an offline game

  13. Super Mario Run isn't Free. It's a free demo at best. You can only play the first level, but if you cash out $10 you can play the game for free.

    Not free. lol

  14. power rangers legacy wars and crash of cars

  15. Gunpie Adventure is NOT an FPS! It's an On-Rails Shooter. Get your stuff right madafackass!!!

  16. bonus game? thought it was $10 wasn't it? regardless I don't support nintendont

  17. IPad only for Elder Scrolls Legends ?

  18. I will download bit city because I love tiny tower

  19. seriously those are the best games for you? haven't you played games like Bliz world of tanks, Blitz Brigade,shadowgun,asphalt 8 ,c-ops, minigore, Avabel MMORPG online and many more that i think they're better games than those

  20. My favorite game this month was gangstar 5 new Orleans'

  21. If you want a good fps get dead trigger 2. Awesome zombie fps for free on ios. not sure about android

  22. I am really really surprised Critical ops is not on this list :/ it's legit csgo on mobile lol

  23. Yo, you forgot AdventureQuest3D. Try it out!

  24. Planet of heroes is pretty much smite

  25. Bullet force is an fps game on iOS and android. It's free and definitely fun to play. That's what I would recommend as a free to play game on iOS or android