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10 AWESOME Post-Apocalyptic Games Coming in 2017 & Beyond | Upcoming Games on PS4 Xbox One PC

Here are 10 anticipated Post-Apocalyptic Survival Games coming in 2017 on PS4, Xbox One & PC! New Upcoming Games ONLY in the Post-Apocalyptic world. Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments!

0:00 Horizon Zero Dawn

2:18 Project Wight

5:03 The Last of Us 2

8:46 Daymare 1998

11:38 State of Decay 2

13:29 Days Gone

16:46 Escape from Tarkov

19:25 Conan Exiles

23:06 The Signal from Tolva

25:27 Dead Island 2

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  1. I am so waiting horror, apocalyptic, survivor game.

  2. For Days Gone what if you just ran the entire game?

  3. What exactly date release "The Last Of Us II" ? for real i cant wait to play Again Joel and Ellie

  4. I want state of decay 2 to have multiplayer

  5. it looks like they realized dead island one was shit so they didn't even try on dead island 2…

  6. Props to the Wight developers. Looks like something fresh for a change.

  7. wow terible shot,if this was last of us you would be dead (daymare)

  8. I'm actually very hyped for Days Gone. It looks amazing.

  9. when u put ellie in the thumbnail u get tons of views huh?

  10. shouldnt we just admit that dead island 2 is dead and gone ?

  11. can someone tell me,did i fuck myself for buying a PC instead of a PS4?Because i sure do feel fucked,i mean look at those ps4 exlusives…uncharted 4,horizon zero dawn,the last of us.Jesus…why u do this to me :'(

  12. Escape from Takrov? Could this finally be a close related follow up to EA's Black (ps2/xbox)? That game was fucking amazing.

  13. What's this obsession with the end times?

  14. Makers of Dead Island still haven't gotten the message that the game needs to be in 3rd person.

  15. jajajaja ya salio y no se ve asi ni de lejos

  16. I can't wait till the last of us 2

  17. 17:15 "I'm going to fucking murder you!"

    Damn this game is edgy.

  18. Poor dead island 2 🙁 the first one was so goood ….

  19. A Halo Wars 2 ad started playing and I was like WTF, is this dude on crack? But some of these games still aren't really "post apocalyptic.

  20. I'm sad that The Last of Us is coming out 2018

  21. omg omg state of decay 2 ,, I just creamed my shorts baby !! droolfest