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1-2 SWITCH OR DARE LIVE! (Smosh Games Live)

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We’re playing some party games with the 1-2 Switch then some Truth or Dare! We’re also joined by some special guests!

SMOSH GAMES LIVE is happening every Wednesday! We’ll be LIVESTREAMING some gameplay for 2 whole hours starting at 2PM PST!

Play with us!
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  1. I like boze, she's cool. And thicccccccccccccccccccccc

  2. Could you please inform me when you are doing a live stream. I live in Australia so i needs to know. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME

  3. Can you guys give me a shout out to my YouTube channel Skull Face 515

  4. guys we still play knuckles  it hurts

  5. Mari's shoes are always so cool and cute and I want them!

  6. boze needs an initiation episode, just like how flitz and wes did, and read erotic fan fic

  7. is boze going to be a permanent fixture on this channel? cause personally im not a fan and she dose not really seem to fit to me but thats just my opinion ide just legitimately like to know

  8. Who agrees there should be maircraft

  9. Maricraft Maricraft Maricraft!!!!!!

  10. At first i was a little on edge with Boze but know i love her! She so funny, i get she was entering a new group and tried a little hard to fit in, but now i hope she stay permanently!

  11. shayne helped his girlfriend (Courtney) winning on boze

  12. I'd date Boze, she's got some good hand skills. Don't see what all the hate is about.

  13. IF you dont milk a goat the otters or how IT spells Will explode i guess its the same for cows

  14. Such a creepy smile flitz lol Great tho haha!

  15. Damn I'd tittyfuck the shit out of Courtney!