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✔ 4 AWESOME Minecraft Redstone Minigames! (Tutorials Included)

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● Water Drop:

● Impossible Arrow:

● Lie Detector:

● Pie Face:

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  1. That lie detector is for sure going to tell you if you are adopted or not, well I mean it said "100% accurate"

  2. Lol I literally snapped the like button!!!!

  3. Cray is not uploading videos any more is he dead??

  4. i snapped the like button too many times an its stuck off how do i fix it so i can put it on?

  5. These games are so cool I built them in my mine craft world ?

  6. Hi mate can you give me a shout out

  7. you're my fan I even download your app I suscrive it so ty

  8. I like to make red stone bases with tons of security to stop people and then a complex elevator to get you out of it

  9. Does someone knows which texture pack he is using because I like the texture pack

  10. all of your videos are fake i have concern about your clouds its realy fake

  11. my girlfriend broke up with me last week

  12. Hey guys i am doing a experiment to see if i can get 10k subs with only 1 video it will be much appreciated 😀

    Are you alive?
    Answer: Yes
    Results: LIE truth