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► ALIENWARE 15 GAMING LAPTOP REVIEW – Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

Are gaming laptops worth it? The Alienware 15 is certainly a good attempt! Watch on to find out what it can do! 😀 Sponsored by ALIENWARE …


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  1. well of the video is sponsored by the company your reviewing then of course this is gonna be biased

  2. the review is inflated in favor of alienware bc they sponsored this video. I built a custom pc that cost me about $1237 and it has twice the specs of this computer. it has 24 gigs of ram 2 tb of hard drive and I can run any game i want to on max setting and get about 103 fps

  3. Can u find du difference ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Is this alienwear 15 suitable for designing purpose as in auto cad ,3d max, sketch up, vray etc

  5. Speaking from personal experience, make sure you buy a few extra battery adapters if anyone's considering buying one of these at a discount. Mine went out a couple months ago, showing symptoms of the light coming on the adapter but upon connecting the charger to the Alienware, it goes out, failing to charge the laptop. Trying to utilize the 1-year warranty was a bit of a hassle, only ending in Dell responding that the adapter isn't covered by the warranty and I'd have to purchase a replacement. Ended up tossing the Alienware in my closet and picking up a Toshiba Satellite S55t, same specs and it came out cheaper.

  6. Great vid Westie, I subbed 🙂

  7. not worth it,,,,970m, laptops should have gtx 1080

  8. whats more new alienware 17 or 15 im guessing 17?

  9. 1 question. is this max settings at bf4 and crysis 3?

  10. How well can this play dayz with a few mods

  11. How do you play pc games with out optical drive?

  12. I use internet browser so this might be a bit slow, congrats with 100 subs!!!

  13. this isn't even the new model……

  14. You can Laptops better and cheaper on Notebooksbilliger.de
    I am getting myself a Alienware 15 i7 6720hq Gtx 980m 4gb 116gb ram for 1880€

  15. Has battlefield one beta came out yet

  16. Can I work for you I'll move for it

  17. I'm in the military, and I need something that can pack a punch. I go TDY or PCS all the time. Something like this is for me. But other people who just sit at home all day and don't move a lot maybe a desk top is better.

  18. I have an Alienware 17 and I'm looking for another monitor. Preferably Asus and 24 inch. Any suggestions?

  19. i love gaming laptops perfect for on the go!!!

  20. When I see Alienware, I hit like, Jesus what i would not do to get one of these god tier computers.

  21. Could it run BF1 in fairly high graphics? Cos that's the real test

  22. can u please help me i have a alienware 15 with 2.3 ghz 2.3 ghz i5 but does that mean i have 4.6

  23. Im plannig to buy a gaming platform should i choose this or the xbox one s?

  24. ASUS x550f better it has 930m gtx and a intel i7 for only $550

  25. NOT WORTH it u can get a much better desktop for like $650

  26. Since you were sponsored, youre lucky

    and you earned a sub, your lucku

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  28. Hi @westie I like playing game and I only play 4 games which are league of legends Overwatch Minecraft and primal carnage on steam should I get the Intel i5 and 8 gb?


  30. Can this run the newest games like overwatch R6S ect.

  31. My alienware 15 stopped booting up in this first week i had it.

  32. Hey I'm on Amazon rn and I was wondering what's the difference between the graphics processor and the "card description"?

  33. I understood nothing but I am impressed????????

  34. Isnt the game in the begining cod 4

  35. Alienware is the Beats of gaming

  36. Oh you have an alienware that's cute, (has quantum computer)

  37. My biggest concern is the quality, how is it?