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AMP Smart: Disarming Your AMP Smart Home

http://ampsmart.com/ – Know exactly who has disarmed your AMP Smart alarm system with push notifications. You can set up how often you receive a notification, through your AMP Smart online account. Each notification will show a picture of the last person who disarmed your Smart Home alarm, which is taken from your AMP Smart panel.
With the “Smart Home” is becoming the new standard for the housing industry, AMP Smart’s mission is to give, you the customer, peace of mind and comfortable living. With the technology available today protecting your family and automating your home should be effortless.
To learn more about the following products:
AMP Smart Indoor Smart Camera: http://ampsmart.com/product/indoor-smart-camera/
AMP Smart Panel: http://ampsmart.com/smart-panel/
AMP Smart Mobile App: http://ampsmart.com/product/amp-smart-mobile-app/
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