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CEMU 1.11.3 – Zelda : BOTW / AMD GPU 60fps? Não foi dessa vez / It was not this time!!!

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Ryzen 1700 @3.6Ghz
RX480 8gb
8Gb Ram @2666mhz
SSD 120Gb
Windows 10 64 bit

Sites Oficiais!
Cemuhook official site
– https://sshnuke.net/cemuhook/
Graphic packs site oficial
– https://slashiee.github.io/cemu_graphic_packs/
Cemu site oficial
– http://cemu.info/
Download Games
– http://www.portalroms.com/isos/wii-u
Wii usb Helper Official Site:
– https://www.wiiuusbhelper.com/
Title Keys site:
– http://wiiu.titlekeys.gq
– https://www.mediafire.com/file/52m34n9m4gavzuu/CDecrypt.rar

# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.11.3
# Patreon release date: 2017-12-25
# Public release date: 2018-01-01

general: NFC menu now has shortcuts to recently loaded NFC files

CPU/JIT: Added support for multi-threaded CPU emulation with recompiler
Dual-core mode will allocate one thread for the main PPC core (1) and one thread for core 0 and 2
Triple-core mode allocates one thread for each PPC core

coreinit: Added API MCP_Get4SecondOffStatus, MCP_DeviceList, MCP_FullDeviceList, MCP_UpdateCheckContext, MCP_TitleListUpdateGetNext, MCP_GetOverlayAppInfo, IM_GetRuntimeParameter

GX2: Added new graphic pack texture rule options:
‘overwriteLodBias’ Replace the lod bias
‘overwriteRelativeLodBias’ Add value to game’s lod bias rather than overwriting it
Typical valid values are in range -16.0 to 16.0
GX2: Cache drawcall index data across frames if GPU buffer cache accuracy is set to low
GX2: uf_windowSpaceToClipSpaceTransform is no longer affected by render target rescaling
GX2: Added API GX2QueryBeginConditionalRender, GX2QueryEndConditionalRender
GX2: Fixed order in which flip and vsync event callbacks are called
GX2: Various smaller optimizations

nn_boss: Added IOSU boss/nim module
nn_boss: If online mode is enabled, Cemu will now download and decrypt BOSS (SpotPass) files
nn_boss: Added task and task setting API

nn_acp: Added API ACPCheckTitleNotReferAccountLaunch, ACPGetLaunchMetaData, ACPGetLaunchMetaXml, ACPGetTitleMetaDirByDevice, ACPGetTitleMetaXmlByDevice

nlibcurl: Fixed calloc/malloc/free using wrong allocator (now correctly uses MEMAllocFromDefaultHeap/MEMFreeToDefaultHeap)

sysapp: Added API SYSGetUPIDFromTitleID


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