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Path of Exile: How & When I Upgrade My Gear While Levelling (Gearing Guide)

I’ve had a lot of requests for guides to gearing up characters in Path of Exile so in today’s video I show off how I know when I need new gear and then how I go about acquiring it. Later on I may make some videos about what stats to look for on certain gear pieces but this is a good starting point and hopefully it will give you guys some ideas on how to progress your gear while levelling in PoE.

Key Points:
– Save Chaos Orbs & Above to trade or craft end game gear.
– Check item level by picking up item and typing /itemlevel in chat.
– Update your gear every 5 levels if possible.
– Keep an eye out for whites with good links/sockets when you know you need something.
– Don’t use magic items for too long, use rares!
– Alchemy are great for crafting while levelling as you will be replacing rares pretty often but you still need them.
– Levelling up refreshes the vendor stock and gives you new options of white gear to craft with.
– Don’t be afraid to spend currency in HC mode.

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