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INTEL presents Nobody Else Quite Like You – Rob Cantor

This song is ALL ABOUT YOU and the weird, wonderful things you do. I wrote it to help promote an app from Intel Security called True Key, which lets you login without the hassle of passwords.

This is my first-ever sponsored video, and I’m very glad to report that (1) the product itself is actually awesome and (2) the company gave me free reign to write whatever the hell I wanted, which ended up as this strange little ditty. #poopinthesoup

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Words & Music by Rob Cantor
Directed by Randall Maxwell & Rob Cantor
Concept by Stephen Goldblatt

Produced by Andrew Horowitz
Mixed by Dan Romer
Mastered by Dave Cooley

CAST (in order of appearance)
ROB CANTOR: Rob Cantor
LEAP TAKER: Greg Roe [http://bit.ly/22cZY5g] GOAT PAJAMINATOR: Hope Hall [http://bit.ly/1H0qoRd] HAIR DRYER: Greg Baskwell [http://bit.ly/208gV16] AIR SOARER: ScottDW [http://bit.ly/1jswUEd] APPLE-TO-BANANA TRANSFORMER: Better Off Red [http://bit.ly/1V9M84n] HOVERBOARD JUGGLER: Ultimate Insanity [http://bit.ly/1UWLR5b] HOPPING BIKER: Thomas Gallego [http://bit.ly/20tqJD2] POGO STICKER: Satinder Gill [http://bit.ly/1ROX8hJ] HULA HOOPER: Rachael Lust [http://bit.ly/1iAO6JK] SOUP POOPER: Matt Vescovo [http://bit.ly/1UWM4pb] DOGBELL CLANGER: Trench [http://bit.ly/1w57jnT] MELON BEFRIENDER: Yolanda Gampp [http://bit.ly/1i04p3q] BALL TRIPPER: David Devore [http://bit.ly/1a8ap59] COFFEE ILLUSTRATOR: Josh Hara [http://bit.ly/1oCGFVu] BABY DRESSER-UPPER: Sioin Queenie Liao [http://bit.ly/208hKXL] CAR DOOR HEADBUTTER: POR Stunts [http://bit.ly/1PUvcH3] CHEESECURL CURATOR: Andy Huot [http://bit.ly/1quEdC8] PARKOUR SANTA: Ronnie Street Stunts [http://bit.ly/1cbpkLB] TRAFFIC DANCERS: SketchShe [http://bit.ly/1xyWJvp] STREET SINGER: Avery Monsen [http://bit.ly/1REEa0I] MANDOG: Greg Baskwell [http://bit.ly/1FPW7U4] FOOT NIBBLER: Ashlee Gadd [http://bit.ly/1UIShVe] GUITAR STRUMMER: Ruby Goldblatt [http://bit.ly/1qF0Nbx] BUNNY MAKER-UPPER: Laura Jenkinson [http://bit.ly/1MeIeof]

Special thanks to The Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA JSC [http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/] for the super cool space footage.

For more beautiful space stuff, check out “Earth” by Michael Konig [http://bit.ly/1IW6fN1]

Creative Agency: Partners in Crime [www.partnersincrime.co] Founder & Creative Director: Stephen Goldblatt
Content Producer: Paymon Parsia

Influencer Agency: Collectively
Ryan Stern, CEO
Mandi Ginsburg, Strategy
Lauren Simpson, Senior Producer

Brand Partner: True Key by Intel Security
Director of Marketing: Aimee DeGolyer
Sr. Mgr. of Strategic & Creative Initiatives: Maeghan Smulders

Music & Film Production by Squeak E Clean
Producers: Amy Crilly & Chris Shaw
Director of Photography: Fern Cardenas
Editors: Randall Maxwell, Kevin Clark & Sean Scannell
Assistant Editor: Lauren Johnson
Makeup Artist: Maryann Yee
Playback Engineer: Charles Rojas
Recording Engineer: Rob Barbato
Motion Graphics: Daniel Sánchez de Miguel

Studio footage filmed at Quixote Studios in Los Angeles, CA

Special thanks to Rachel Aron, Christine Bilich, David & Cathy Cantor, Buzzy Cohen, Carol Dunn, Gregory James Jenkins, Justin Hori, Ben Ketai, Jesse Kristin, Allison Kurtzer, Andrew Laurich, Rick Lax, Steve Loter, Demis Lyall-Wilson, Cyndi Lynott, Mandy Maxwell, Zan Nakari, Ben Rosenblatt, Tommy Siegel, Ben Thornewill, and Grant Wilson.


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