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How to Get Found on The Internet – A Udemy Training Course by Dan Grijzenhout

This course covers the following topics:
– What is SEO and how does it work
– How do you optimize and improve your web or blog site so as to improve its chances of being found by search engines
– How does one do keyword and keyword phrase analysis and what tools – paid and free – can help to get the job done?
– How do the experts use keyword analysis to find new business niches that they can exploit to be financially successful?
– What tools and strategies do they employ to make a lot of money on the Internet?
– How do you get your website “Righteous” with Google so they don’t penalize you in their organic search engine rankings
– What sites can help me analyze and debug my web and blog sites so that I can maximize their loading speed potential and reduce or eliminate bounces to my web or blog site(s)
– What analytical tools and websites are out there so that I can track various aspects of my web or blog site’s performance?
– What strategies will best help me to generate steady organic traffic to my web or blog site?
– If I want to pay for traffic to my web or blog site, where do I get the “Best bang for my buck?”

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