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Dell XPS M1710 Video Card Oven Fix

Last week, I turned on my Dell and I was getting green verticle lines as it would boot. Then the same lines were there when windows was loading. It would crash after the windows logo and give me a blue screen telling me I need to contact the vendor and that it was a memory error.

I called Dell and they went through a few system diagnostics, at first, I was able to press F12 and get into their diag. A day later, it wouldn’t do anything. Just a blank screen.

I ended up buying some extended warranty from Dell. They said it would take a week to get a box shipped out to me, and another week to get it fixed. So,$200 bucks later, I felt better that it was going to get fixed.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon some video’s on how to bake your graphics card back to life. I was a little skeptical, but since I was going to send it back to Dell to get fixed, I felt I had nothing to lose.

Well, it worked, and now I’ve got an extended warranty, I’m not going to be using. After seeing the poor quality Thermal Grease they use, i’m not sure I want them to fix it. If something like this happens again.

Dell does has a nice tutorial online for taking apart your laptop.


This covers your video card, but as you click through it, you can find all the steps needed to take apart the entire laptop.

This fix also works on standard sized video cards that have artifacts and other card glitches.

I’m sure this voids any warranty by Dell, but if it works and its free, why not?

If anyone else has one of these, can you please post your idle temps and gaming temps. I’d like to know what other people are getting.


A few days ago, i recieved a replacement video card. When I took it apart to check the thermal paste, I found finger prints on the chip and the paste. I know for a fact I didn’t do it. Maybe Dell does shotty refurb’s to piss people off and keep those extended warranties selling. I’m going to keep this laptop till it explodes and buy something different next time.


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